Вышел Bundle Patch 01 для Oracle Identity Manager 11gR2PS1

Вышел Bundle Patch 01 для Oracle Identity Manager 11gR2PS1

Вчера обновилась статья "Information And Bug Listing of Oracle Identity Manager Bundle Patches: (11gR2PS1) Version (Doc ID 1569191.1)" на My Oracle Support, в которой приведен список багов, исправленных в свежем Bundle Patch ( Как оказалось, сам Bundle Patch 01 вышел несколько дней назад (16-го июля). Список исправленных багов см. ниже.

My Oracle Support Patch Number : Patch:16672826 (Release Date: 16-Jul-2013)
List of Bugs Fixed :

  • Bug:16480327 : Users cannot enter Lookup Meaning with more than 1024 characters.
  • Bug:16492606 : Oracle Identity Manager does not properly handle Rule Expressions containing the NOT_EQUAL operator against attributes whose values are NULL within the identity store.
  • Bug:16503904 : Changing user password fails with ConcurrentModificationException during stress test.
  • Bug:16505189 : Users cannot set a single security question.

Internal bugs not visible via My Oracle Support:

  • Unpublished Bug16315001: Editing Generic Technology Connector (GTC) migrated from a different environment fails with broken image for Jgraph screen.
  • Unpublished Bug16417328: UDFs cannot be removed from the Add Fields of the query component on the search users pages.
  • Unpublished Bug16452474: Emails containing the apostrophe character are not displayed in the view user details.
  • Unpublished Bug16468431: Manager data is not displayed in the selected users list in the user search dialog box.
  • Unpublished Bug16504216: Algorithmic optimization required in Oracle Identity Manager server backend for self service flows.
  • Unpublished Bug16636749: My Access accounts UI response is slow when there is a large number of application instances defined. In addition, the user details page is slow in rendering.
  • Unpublished Bug16672996: The task status, task outcome, and task title are not getting translated in the request summary page.

И еще два бага, которые не попали в это описание, но указаны в README файле:

  • Bug:16536866: Class Cast Exception is thrown when calculating the last certification decisions during certification completion.
  • Bug:16544484: In an environment that is integrated between Oracle Access Manager (OAM), Oracle Identity Manager, and Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM), copyconfig for Oracle Identity Manager domain fails.

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