Easy way to customize OIM logo

Easy way to customize OIM logo

In official guides (for example, "How to Customize OIM 12c Logo? (Doc ID 2320232.1)" guide) you could find that you need access for server file system. In this post I'll show you the way to customize OIM logo without putting image file somewhere in middleware directory. This solution is more convenient for T2P migration. Sorry for russian screens, I hope you will understand where to click.

Ok, let's start:
1. Create a sandbox and switch to customize mode.

2. Click on Oracle logo.

3. Click right button on commandImageLink element and choose edit.

4. Ok, here is the trick! Convert your image to base64 encoding and put result in Icon field.

5. Apply changes and publish sandbox.

So now your logo saved to MDS database scheme with other ADF customizations. This customization applied to all OIM nodes (if you have a cluster) and can be easily migrated from one OIM environment to another.

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