OpenIDM 5.0 available for download

OpenIDM 5.0 available for download. ForgeRock updated the entire stack of products, including OpenAM, OpenDJ and OpenIG but in this post I look just OpenIDM.

What's new:

  • Registration with social identities (Google, Facebook, Linkedin)
  • OOTB integration with OpenAM
  • Web-interface for scheduler with ability to run Javascript/Groovy.
  • New audit event handlers for Splunk and Syslog
  • Web-interface for API (API Explorer)
  • Docker and Kubernetes support
  • Integration with JMS ActiveMQ
  • New authentication modules for OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0
  • New connectors and connector-server
  • Dynamic roles
  • Custom dashboards

It is very interesting and technologically advanced platform for identity management solutions.

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